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Here are a few links, which should be of some interest to you. Some are lifestyle product links, some are hi-fi, some computer based and more! If you want to put a link of your page here e-mail us.

:affiliate computer review websites
Active Hardware - Multilingual website!
AusPCWorld - Large computer website from down under. - Well presented site.
GideonTech - Cool mods! - Cool hardware site, with lots of modding info.
pimprig - Cool hardware site, with lots of modding info.
Unique hardware - Nicely designed hardware site.
Virtual Hideout - More cool mods.

:photography website
DPreview - Excellent website with every single camera review! - Fantastic original photo prints of London area.

:lifestyle products links
Adidas - German sport gear maker.
Casio - Japanese electronics firm. Maker of G-Shock.
Nike - Most famous sports' manufacturer in the world.
Oakley - Sunglasses maker, as seen in classic film The Matrix.
Reebok - No-nonense gear for sports professionals.

:hi-fi sites
Audioholics General hi-fi site
AudioEnz New Zealand's hi-fi and home cinema resource
Audio Ideas Canadian hi-fi and home cinema magazine
Audiomap Absolutely huge German hi-fi website, well worth a visit
Audio Nova Swedish online magazine
Audiorevolution Has hi-fi info, as well as DVD and CD reviews
Audioworld Huge website regularly updated, with lots of hi-fi info
AV Rocks Home theater resources
Digital Theater American site dedicated to home cinema Huge directory of hi-fi sites German hi-fi website, mainly devoted to auctions
Goodsound Guide to affordable hi-fi
Hi-Fi Choice UK magazine
HH Scott Archive Info about HH Scott Vacuum amps Dutch hi-fi site, with loads of info In German and English has many links and info
Home Cinema Choice British Home Theater magazine
Home Entertainment British magazine's online version Impressive magazine
Home Theater Info Website which includes a list of all Region 1 DVDs released
Home Theater Nut Well designed home cinema site
Home Theater Talk Enthusiast website with forum
Home Theater Village Includes home cinema design guide
hxos hi-fi Greek hi-fi magazine
SMR Home Theater Non-profit site with detailed info about various standards Online magazine published since 1995
Sound and Vision Online Another magazine with buying guides too
Stereo411 Well designed hi-fi audio and video site
Stereo Times Online regularly update magazine audio page Malaysian hi-fi page
Ultimate Home Theater Experience Packed net site with Flash intro

:hi-fi shops American hi-fi shop celebrating its 20th year
Audiocom-uk Worldwide British hi-fi distributors Fully featured hi-fi shop with hi-fi info and forums too
AudioVision Hi-fi German hi-fi retailers, also sell car audio gear
Die-is't! audio Dutch shop (with English and Dutch website)
Esoterisk Hifi Swedish hi-fi shop based in the university town of Uppsala
Fischer Hifi Hi-fi shop from Altwis in Switzerland
Get Plugged American hi-fi and home cinema retailer
Hi-fi Cables Online British cable shop
Hi-fi Center Norweigen retailler with nice website too!
Hi-fi Direct Austrailian webshop selling car audio and home theater products
Hi-fi Import Danish hi-fi specialists
Hi-fi Farm American reseller based in Vermont
Hi-fi Klubben Swedish shop which sells hi-fi and other similar equipment
Hi-fi Land Swiss hi-fi shop
Hi-fi News Swiss resellers who seem to sell everything to do with hi-fi!
Hi-fi Corner Scottish hi-fi shop
Jeffries Hi-fi and home cinema specialists in the south of England
Just Hi-fi Eastern Ontario hi-fi shop
Nicodemus Hi-fi and Computer Shop with hi-fi and computer products in Denmark
Nuts About Hi-fi American shop who are Nuts About Hi-fi
Paul Roberts TV and Hi-fi Bristol hi-fi merchants
Peter Martin Hi-fi shop in Cheshire, England
Technosound British specialists in hi-fi and home cinema installation
Ton Laget Gothenberg based hi-fi resellers selling mainly specialist products like Linn
Upgrade Heaven British hi-fi webshop

:hi-fi manufacturers
Bryston Canadian maker specialising in loud amps!
Garrard501 British turntable makers
HH Scott Store Online manufacturer's store
IXOS Cables Hi-fi cable manufacturer, check out the cool Flash website
Job Audio Based in Switzerland and America, makers of specialist audio components
MBL Very specialist German hi-fi makers
Michell Engineering Turntable and amp makers from Hertfordshire, England
Milbert Amps Makers of vacuum amps in Maryland, USA
Mirage Speakers American speaker makers
Myryad British hi-fi maker
Osborn Loudspeakers Hand crafted Austrailian speaker company
Peak Consult Danish Hi-fi Company
SD Acoustics British speaker makers
Sonique Audio High end Austrailian valve amps and speakers
Sony Inventor of the minidisc
Trichord Research Makers of high quality audiophile components
Yamaha Famous Japanese musical equipment maker

:computer review websites
AMDMB- Huge website, packed with motherboard, CPU and hardware reviews.
AMDZone - AMD focused hardware site.
Blagged Hardware - More hardware and overclocking stuff.
Burn Out PC - More reviews. Cool name.
Hardware Extreme - Billed as the people's source for hardware reviews.
HWGuru - Need we say more.
MB Review - Another great hardware site, with over 1000 reviews.
Monkey Review - Up to date hardware and software reviews.
Overclockers Club - Surprise, surprise, it's about overclocking!
Source Pod - Reviews and how-tos. - British hardware site.
Tech Dreams - Overclocking and hardware website. Good stuff.
Think Computers - Reviews, reviews, reviews. Comprehensive hardware info.
Tom's Hardware Guide - One of the most famous computer hardware sites.
The Tech Zone - Latest in reviews.
Tweakers Australia - Hardware from down under. - More reviews, including overclocking products.

:computer products resellers - You want a quiet pc, this is the online shop to try.
Technomatic - British reseller, part of MicroWarehouse. Very efficient.

:computer manufacturers
Alienware - American computer maker of high performance machines
Compaq - The large computer hardware maker

:other websites
DJ Voice - The main DJ Voice website with hi-fi, computer, music and dj gear, as well as a tutorial.
Hadbai Ltd - Designers of this website.