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Adsubtract Pro 8/10

On virtually every internet page there are banner ads. I don't pay attention to them, but occasionally I have clicked on them and found an excellent website as a result. However, most of the time they can be an irritation. AdSubtract Pro removes banner ads from webpages. On some pages which are usually filled with banner ads, they seem quite empty. For people with broadband connections, it is largely irrelevant, since pages load up so quickly, but if you are accessing the internet through a modem, pages end up loading considerably quicker. AdSubtract Pro sits in the corner of your screen in the system tray, and can filtering can be turned on or off instantly. In most cases, you'll want to load it up on startup.

AdSubtract Pro requires some configuration though, otherwise it ends up stripping graphics which are not adverts. Although removing banner ads is the main feature, AdSubtract also monitors cookies on your computer and can choose to block referers which gather information about your web browsing and send it to advertising firms. Other programmes also do this, but what is special about AdSubtract Pro is that it will remove pop-up windows. It's rivals like Norton Internet Security don't do this and this is probably the main reason I would purchase AdSubtract Pro! This is a major plus, because everybody hates pop-up windows. You can also choose to block background graphics, animations, sound, Javascript etc. A cookie manager also lets you choose which websites to accept cookies from. There is also an "erase" button to remove temporary internet files, internet history and cookies. A log keeps track of all adverts removed and cookies collected

AdSubtract Pro is not an essential buy, like a virus checker or firewall, which explains why I have not given it a 10/10 rating, but it does make browsering the internet quicker and also prevents companies from spying on your net browsing. Other rivals which you may want to have a look at include Norton Internet Security, which packs Norton Anti-Virus, Norton Personal Firewall with an ad stripper and privacy programme. However, it's privacy and ad stripper are not as fully featured as AdSubtract Pro.

Please note that you can buy AdSubtract Pro in a special pack with ZoneLabs brilliant ZoneAlarm Pro.