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Pioneer CDJ-1000 no score awarded since not reviewed yet!

Pioneers new CDJ-1000 promises to be a CD deck which is as flexible as a turntable. From the feature list (part of which is below in the press pack FAQ). The CDJ-1000 also threatens the virtual DJ, since it accepts CD-R and CD-RW, so you can store your entire collection of MP3s on your computer and burn them to CD for a set, with the latest, so you only need to take two or three CDs to any gig. I should be reviewing this machine soon, then I'll post a review of it here. Roger Sanchex has already signed to the CDJ-1000 exclusively on all his DJ sets.

Why did Pioneer's develop the CDJ-1000 Digital Deck? Our objective was to develop the most creatively potent player yet seen and signal the dawn of a new age in the art of the DJ. Since 1994 when Pioneer introduced the first CDJ player the practicality and credibility of CDJ's has grown steadily.
The following has been written by Pioneer. I've not included every point made in their press pack, just stuff I think is relevant for my readers. FAQs - CDJ-1000 Digital Deck
Which CDJ-1000 Digital Deck features are world firsts? " Vinyl Emulation - Touch Sensitive Jog Dial, Brake and Release " When will the CDJ-1000 Digital Deck be available in Europe? The product will be available in stores from mid July.
How long has Pioneer worked on the CDJ-1000 development? From concept to launch has taken about 24 months, of which the past six months have been used to confirm or improve aspects of the design and functionality with help of professional DJs around the world.

Wave Display - Reads Each Track On The CD and Displays The Sound Level Graphically " Internal or Removable Memory Card (MMC) for storing Cue, Loop, Wave and CD information " Loop In and Out Adjust

Does the CDJ-1000 Digital Deck always require a Multimedia Card to store cue, loop, wave and CD information? No. The internal memory of the CDJ-1000 can store up to 10 cue points or loops points per disc and for a total of 100 discs. One loop requires two points (IN / OUT). The Multimedia Card (MMC) provides extra memory capacity; for example a 16 MB MMC can store 100 cue and loop points per disc for a maximum of 10,000 discs. The MMC also stores track wave data information that will be displayed immediately that track is selected again. How will DJs be convinced that the CDJ-1000 Digital Deck offers the best of CD and vinyl worlds? DJs that helped in the testing, development and evaluation of the CDJ-1000 have all been extremely enthusiastic about the final result - especially when given the opportunity to use the player. Many of these DJs will be first in line to buy when the product becomes available in mid July! Ultimately DJs, whether committed to CDs or vinyl or both, will have to visit their local dealers to put the CDJ-1000 to the test. We're confident they will appreciate the experience and be convinced a new generation of player has arrived.

Whilst the use of CDJs has proliferated, Pioneer's ongoing dialogue with DJs highlighted features and functions that, if added to a CDJ, would empower them with greater creative possibilities than are currently available with any form of DJ player, whether using CD or vinyl. The launch of the CDJ-1000 Digital Deck represents Pioneer's answer to this challenge and the birth of a "new style " of Djing.


Was the CDJ-1000 designed to a specification or to a price point? The desire to give DJs a new creative tool was the overriding objective before any price point considerations. Now that the project has matured we are confident the best DJs will appreciate that the CDJ-1000 represents great value for money. To which DJs does Pioneer expect the CDJ-1000 to appeal most? In particular DJ's at the top of their profession or rising stars whose reputations are being built on inventiveness and having greater creativity than their contemporaries. The CDJ-1000 has so many world first features we expect skilled users of all genres of players (CDJ and vinyl) to upgrade and embrace the new standard in DJ equipment.