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Reebok DMX Trainers 10/10 - Date Posted 01/09/2002.

I like my trainers, and I prefer them to ordinary shoes. However, I do not like super stylish trainers that also make your feet bleed with pain after exercising with them! Thankfully these Reebok DMX trainers are possibily the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn. Styling wise, they are made of two tone fabric. The front is dark grey cloth which is pitted. During the summertime, it lets through a refreshing breeze to cool your feet. Unfortunately in heavy rain, it also lets in water - I live in Britain :). The rear of the trainers has a shiny silver covering, which only now starting to fade. There are also white reflectors, that shine brightly in artificial light. The inside of the shoes is covered in a soft red fabric. As for the soles of the trainers, they are totally intact, clearly indicating that these are indeed very durable trainers. They offer a significant amount of grip on most surfaces. However, they are not completely covered in a rough textureed plastic: if they had been, they would have offered even more grip. Most other shoes I have would be totally wrecked after such intensive use, becoming lopsided and worn down. I use them daily, walking upto 10 miles every week.

Like most trainers, it employs an air cushion, which supports your feet. It seems to adjust quite well to the shape of my feet, and is still quite springy after heavy use. This system employed in Reebok trainers is called DMX and is billed as a "Heal to Toe" cushion. Nike also have the Air system. The problem with certain types of the air cushion is that they can become damaged after a small amount of use. I am pleased to say there are (not yet) any such problems. All I did notice, was a decrease in pressure when I first bought the trainers. I expect this to be quite normal. There is no fancy disc system for tying up these shoes, so you have to make do with ordinary grey laces.

I very rarely give any products a 10/10 rating, even after conducted well over 50 reviews. However, here, I have to give such a rating. Not only are these trainers quite stylish, but they support my feet very well. They are also quite cheap - I bought them for around 40 pounds from a licensed Reebok outlet. Any other trainers at this price level, rarely offer both style and performance. There are of course better trainers, but for such shoes, you would need to pay a significant premium.