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Ebel Swiss Watch 8/10 - Date Posted 17/09/2002

Swiss watch makers are the most famous in the world. Makers like Rolex and Breitling are known as some of the finest time measuring instruments around. Ebel are not quite as famous. This is reflected in the price. Although still quite expensive, it is possible to find this mens watch for under 500 pounds from discount outlets like Costco (probably a point that most jewellers would rather you did not know). This model is from Ebel's successful "Sport Classic" range. Made of polished shiny stainless steel, the design is quite simple, and understated. It is reasonably thin and light. As a result it is very comfortable to wear. From a distance it does not look very expensive. I like the design, because of the way it is very clean, and is not distrupted by unnecessary lines. The back is stamped with the words "Swiss" and the serial number. Like most other watches of its type, there are no fancy alarm settings or stopwatches or digital LCD displays. Such features are available on Swiss watches, but add considerably to the price.

Other models in the range have a similar design, but are made of gold and some feature diamonds on the watch face. Obviously, those models would cost considerably more (weight more) and would be far more of a security liability. I would regard those models as pieces of jewellery more than I would regard them as functional time pieces. In addition the design of the gold watches is more complicated and in my opinion not as stylish, but I am sure most people would disagree!

The strap has a wave-like design of metal links. However, this does not prevent the watch from catching the hairs in your wrist. I do not think watchmakers will ever solve this problem! But obviously the perk of the metal strap is that it will outlast a similar leather strap by many years.

The black face is quite easy to read, with every hour marked in chrome roman numerials. It also indicates the date, but not the day of week. Reliability wise, I assume that it should last for many years, and the battery lasts approximately one year before requiring a change. The movement is a quartz model. I am not sure whether Ebel offer this watch in a spring wind-up driven version.

This watch might not be as "flashy" as other Swiss watches but it is a slightly cheaper way to buy into the world of Swiss time pieces. In any case, "flashy" watches may attract unwanted attention! Also bear in mind, that the workmanship that goes into watches like this, will result in many years of perfect timekeeping. A good choice for anyone wanting a watch that will last a lifetime (or longer).