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  Fortron Source PSU 8/10. Date Posted 27/10/2002. By Adam Brinley-Codd.

(sorry no picture yet!)

Well this is my first review for so here goes…! Firstly, thanks to for supplying this PSU. It’s a Fortron Source 300W ATX power supply (FSP-300-60ATV) with a near silent Verax fan.

The first thing I noticed about this PSU compared with my old one (which came with the case) was it’s weight. It was a lot heavier, probably mainly due to a bigger heatsink but I’m just guessing. The extra weight is a reassuring sign of quality.

The power supply was straightforward to install. Just unplug the old one, unscrew it, screw the new one in, and plug all wires back in. There was a slight problem with my set-up however, because I use a Zalman Flower HSF which sits next to the PSU, and on the edge of the PSU is a grill to let air flow through. This meant, however, that the lowest couple of fins on the heatsink got stuck in the grill as I tried to push the PSU in place. No major problem, and it’s the fault of the bulky heatsink and not the PSU.

Then came the moment of truth, turning it on! Well it worked, and it was very quiet indeed. The noise level is rated as 21-24dB which is pretty close to silent but if I put my computer into suspend mode, shutting down the hard drive, and if I stop the processor and northbridge fans with my fingers, I can just about hear it!

As for temperature, the processor still runs at the same temperature, and the other two readings from inside the case are roughly the same, not much difference there. If I put my hand at the back of the PSU to feel the air coming out, it does feel warmer than my old PSU, and a lot less air is coming out. Obviously this PSU won’t last as long as one which has a very noisy fan and keeps all it’s components ice cold, but given the life cycle of computers these days that’s not too important an issue.

At 119 euros (about £75) it’s not the cheapest power supply around, but it’s built very solidly and is extremely quiet, so I give it an 8/10.