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HP Laserjet 2200DN 9/10. Date Posted 08/08/2002.

HP are famous for printers! You did not need me to tell you that. This mono Laserjet 2200DN is the latest in a long line of laser printers. At first glance it seems quite unassuming and quite feeble. The small size is good for the average user, who simply does not have the space for the huge laser printer of old. The size is deceiving though, since it performs far better than you would expect! Power it on, and the pages just fly out, at around 19 ppm. Being a newer printer it comes equiped with a USB port, so setup is very simple. It also has a network port, but configuration of this is slightly more tricky. In any case I did not notice any great difference in speed from using USB or the network port on it. There's also an infrared port, however, I did not try using this.

The print quality is excellent. The text is very crisp. Photographs are good too, but I would stick to an inkjet or a colour laser, if you plan to print them a lot. Although it is capable of printing at 1200 dpi, I use 600 dpi nearly all the time, since this saves ink and the quality is still great. There are also several modes you can select to further save ink and speed up printing. As it is I have been using this printer for some time, and have yet to change the toner. This model is also equipped with duplex printing. I find this invaluable. True, it does cost more to have this option, but the amount of paper you can save is huge!

One criticism I would have, is the lack of LCD. This might seem like a luxury, but is in fact quite useful. It gives you error codes by flashing lights. No offence, but I'm not fluent in morse code, and it would have been far easier to have a five pound LCD which read "Paper Out" or "Paper Jam". This is perhaps the only thing I can say against the printer. From a reliability stand-point I have not had any problems yet. Previous experience suggests that this product would last the average home user many years, far more than the average inkjet. In short this is decent printer for the small office or home user.