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Mission m73 8/10 - Date Posted 01/09/2002

These speakers look fantastic, which is probably why I bought them. I owned them for nearly six months, before selling up. Not only that they offer high end features such as biwiring, not usually seen at this price of level (around 130 pounds). During my ownership, the m73s worked flawlessly and the build quality is second to none - they feel incredibly solid. I mated them to a Marantz PM4200 amplifier, which has had many good reviews from the hi-fi community. It might seem poultry supplying only 30W to these floorstanding beasts (designed to operate at 20W-100W). However, the amplifier seemed more than adequete for the task. Being floorstanding speakers, the m73 unsurprisingly provided shedloads of bass. If you prefer to reduce the bass you can put foam in the reflex ports. However, I felt they were slight lacking in top end treble. I found that although the m73s handle most music very well, they excel at playing acoustic guitar based music, such as from the Unplugged MTV series'. The amount of detail is quite exceptional when playing these recordings.

One problem I did find with the m73s was that they did not perform very well at lower volumes. I had to hike up the volume to one third of the amplifiers capability before getting a lot of clarity. This is fine if you own a large house without any neighbours. However, living in a flat I found it difficult to raise the volume. Before buying these speakers you really have to consider that they need a large room to sound at their best.

To summarise these are decent speakers, that also look good, but have a good look at the competition before buying. Also you might consider some of the other speakers in the range, including the bookshelf m72 and m71 speakers.