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  PNY Verto GeForce4 Ti4600 8/10 - Date Posted 13/12/2002

After CPUs, GPUs are probably the most powerful chips inside your computer. This PNY Verto is built upon the incredibly powerful GeForce4 Ti4600 chip. Like all graphics cards these days it uses the AGP interface. There is 128MB DDR RAM on board, yes, 128 MB. As a result it can pretty much handle any resolution at any colour depth you throw at it! I tested the card using an ordinary CRT. The image was remarkably clear, and bright. People tend to forget about the actual image quality produced by a graphics card, and only look at the data performance! So even if you are not really into playing games, you will still benefit from a perfect picture. However, for non-gamers, it is probably more sensible to go for other cheaper members of the Verto range. It also has a DVI port for digital LCD displays, but I did not have an opportunity to use that.

Of course in terms of actual processing power, the Verto is very capable. I am not a big fan of running hundreds of tests in reviews, but I did make an exception for this Verto! I was able to run CounterStike at 1280 x 1024, and with an average frame rate of 300 per second. By any standard this is an amazing figure. True, the human eye can only decipher 25 frames per second, but you do notice that the graphics are a lot smoother. It also makes it far easier to play! The card also accurately reproduces complex images such as smoke, which other graphics cards have trouble with. I tried out a couple of other games with it, including Grand Theft Auto 3. Again, there were no problems, except I had to download a patch to get GTA3 working.

Being such a powerful chip, the GeForce4 Ti4600 needs to be cooled. I am glad to say that PNY have used a quiet fan to do this. Upon putting the Verto into my computer I did not notice any increase in volume.

There are many other graphics cards that use the GeForce4 range of chips, so you have a lot to choose from. I would recommend the Verto for being good value for money (at 185 pounds from It also includes unique features such as TV out, and a nice quiet fan.