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  Antec Plusview 1000 8/10. Date Posted 22/02/2003. by Saeed Amen.

Antec are one of the biggest computer case makers. Maybe not as famous as Coolermaster or Chieftec, their reputation is increasing all the time. This is the second Antec case that I have tested. It is a testament to their increasing stature in the case market, that I saw their PLUS660 case reviewed in Personal Computer World magazine this month - over two months after I reviewed it though :). What sets this apart from the competition is of course the "window" at the side.

The case itself is very well put together, and feels very study. It feels more expensive than it really is. It comes with more than enough screws and is very spacious inside. Also it has the capacity for several fans, to enable very effective cooling (several fans are included with the machine - unfortunately no LED lit ones). In addition there is also a door, that hides your CD drives, etc. giving the case a clean look. The door is easy to open, and makes the case ideal for people who regularly need to upgrade their machines. If you own other Antec cases, you can easily swap drives mounted in the 5.25 bays, without even opening the case. Most users won't find this useful, but those who build servers, will probably like this.

Unfortunately, there is no power supply with this case. This keeps the price down, but it is a slight oversight, especially as Antec make their own very good TruPower PSUs.

The case really comes into it's own, when you add options, like the LED fan (which you can see to the left of the photo). Add a quiet power supply, and you have an ideal "showcase" machine to put in your living room to play games and MP3s.

In short, I like this case. If you don't really like having a window, you can go for a model without it. However, I expect most people are going to buy this case just for the window!